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Monthly Roundup: July 2014

1 Aug
Alysha Brilla

Alysha Brilla, one of Canadian Content Machine’s featured artists of July.

Another month of music has come and gone! We’ve had lots to talk about in July (not fittingly, July Talk was featured two months ago). Let’s look at them again!


New Album Reviews!

Dreams of Summer: Coronado’s new EP, Give Up Nothing Vol. 1, reviewed.

Carlos Coronado of Coronado. Photo Credit: Tania Cannarella.

Carlos Coronado of Coronado. Photo Credit: Tania Cannarella.

Coronado continues to have a very prolific, and very good, 2014. The Toronto fivesome released their EP Remain Calm last year (reviewed by one of our writers here), and since then they have kept it coming via live shows, live shows, and more live shows. It all comes to this: Give Up Nothing Vol 1their latest, just-released EP.  This forms Coronado’s most complete sound yet, including the should-be-hit “A Line We Never Drew”. Give Coronado a chance and check out out review of Give Up Nothing Vol 1 here.


Band Spotlights!

The Shanks: Minimalist Musicians, Maximum Rockers


The Shanks.

The Shanks aren’t a new band per se; they’ve been in the game for years, and their classic hard rock sound doesn’t lend them any favours as something new and stylin’. What The Shanks do well though, is use up the full potential of a two-piece guitar-and-drums combo and then some, creating a gigantic, ferocious sound that definitely speaks in rock n’ roll. Check out our full piece on The Shanks here.


Concert Reviews!

Jumple: The Gypsy Gods Of Inspiring Dance and Jiggy Bums – Live & Interviewed @ The Rasputin Vodka Bar June 22, 2014


Eugene of Jumple.

There is “Slavic Gypsy Foll”, and then there is the kind that Jumple serves. Hopped up on booze and in the state of “Jigy-Jigy” (no, that is not the title of Will Smith’s comeback song), this band absolutely took it to the aptly-named Russian Vodka Bar on June 24th, 2014. With most of its members being born in the Ukraine, there is no question of inauthenticity in these guys’ performances. Read the full appraisal of their performance here.


Second Spins: Older Albums Reviewed Again!

Alysha Brilla’s Guide to Getting Over Breakups


Alysha Brilla.

Every now and then an album will come along just at the right time, making a huge impact in your life and giving you a good reminder why music exists. For our writer Julie Gossart, that album was Alysha Brilla’s In My Head. Released last year, this album turned out to be a pretty significant experience for Julie–but you don’t have to read this to believe it, just check out the review for yourself!


Special Event Coverage – Osheaga 2014!

OSHEAGA 2014: All The Canadian Bands (Full and Final Preview)


Earlier in the year, we produced a series on all the Canadian bands playing at Osheaga in Montreal. Well, the festival has now finally arrived, so what better way to prepare yourself than to read our final preview the details the when and whereabouts of each band, as well as links to our earlier articles. Check that out here!

That is all for July!


Dreams of Summer: Coronado’s new EP, Give Up Nothing Vol. 1, reviewed.

24 Jul
Coronado: The Green Period. From L-R: Lisa Lorenz, Amy Morris, Kevin Lee Correia, Carlos Cornado, Luke Boehler.  Photo Credit: MikeBinelli

Coronado’s Green Period. From L-R: Lisa Lorenz, Amy Morris, Kevin Lee Correia, Carlos Cornado, Luke Boehler. Photo Credit: Mike Binelli

Summer is hitting its height, but it may be too early yet to declare 2014’s definitive summer song. Sure, turn on the radio and you can listen to the variety of contenders on autoplay. They may be the good (Chromeo, for one, are enjoying some well-deserved success with “Jealous”), the bad (listen to Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” one more time, I dare you), and the just plain left-field (who would have thought Weird Al would be a no.1 guy in 2014?).

But the song of the summer may also be a product of an unheralded indie pop outfit, one that should be getting its due on the radio waves. That track is “A Line We Never Drew”, the first single off of Coronado’s latest EP, Give Up Nothing Vol 1.

Coronado - Give Up Nothing Vol.1 (2014)

Coronado – Give Up Nothing Vol.1 (2014)

There’s nothing you / can say to me / inside your mind / or in a dream, oh.” With wistful lyrics, a dance-rock rhythm, and fizzled neon guitar in support, “A Line We Never Drew” is the perfect summer song to soundtrack those sunny day drives and fresh restless nights. Vocals from Lisa Lorenz blend the feelings of midyear just right, from the joy of discovering something new, to the wonder if there couldn’t be something more.

The last time we featured Coronado here on our pages, the Toronto quintet were busy performing live and building off their last EP, Remain Calm, which was only released earlier this year (check out our review of that EP as well as our take on their live set at the Piston in April). At the time, our reviewer Jason Scharff stated “If the current formula for Coronado happens to be making a good record and then improving upon it with the followup, I’m more than excited for the next one.

While up to now Coronado has seemingly been the personal project of frontman and guitarist Carlos Coronado (as to be assumed when the band sports your name), Give Up Nothing Vol.1 marks a promising development in the band by pushing the other members to the fore. Lisa gets to “A Line We Never Drew” as her own, while Carlos completes the EP with three strong entries of his own. As heard in their live sets, Coronado’s best asset is their versatility: with Lorenz, Coronado and Amy Morris all able to contribute with their own voices, the result is a dynamic set-piece and their most complete-sounding effort yet.


Take the second track, “Burning Bright” (heard above in Coronado’s EP release party video), and you have your indication of Coronado’s desire and ability to get better and better. The song starts out in a manner that one may expect upon watching reruns of Miami Vice on VHS, but grows organically to be more than what could simply be ’80s pastiche. Layered vocals sing: “Don’t crush the fantasy / let’s just make believe it’s just a dream.” An arresting finale rests on a sweeping synth hook complete the track into something that could only be made in 2014. Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories may have brought Chic-style dance rock back to, uh, chic, last year, but the swiggity guitar style is served just as well here and in the exhilarating solo of “Clear To Me”.

EP closer “Congratulations”, which has also been used appropriately as a set ender for Coronado’s live shows, gets the very important task of convincing the listener to hit repeat once it is all over. The track does its job, and beautifully so: all the elements of music that Coronado can do well…well, they go perfectly. A steady, subtle crescendo does the job in bringing the listener over, and it almost seems cruel to end the song (and the EP) on a sudden cut.

Yet it should be so, in want for the next release. Given Coronado’s prolific nature, though, Vol. 2 is probably already in production. Don’t expect to have to wait for long!

You can listen to all four of the tracks off Give Up Nothing Vol.1 on the album’s Bandcamp. Also, don’t forget to check out the new video for “A Line We Never Drew”! Suitably, it takes the watcher for a little night walk all around the Toronto downtown core. Shiny!

Check out Coronado!






Author: Nathan Christie