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5 Nov


Pacanomad, is a London – Ontario based soul and r&b band, which is spiced with a slight indie aesthetics and seasoned with Zeppelin-era rock/blues guitar stylings. If you are an unclothe millennial such as myself, it is likely you have been straying clear of ‘soul’ music, possibly because the last ‘soul’ artist you heard was Ne-Yo, which simply was not good for your blood pressure.  Thankfully, Pacanomad and their semi recent EP, Restless, draw associate themselves with a far more credible source. To transcribe their overall sound into a sentence, this an act that revive the subtle sentiments of a time period defined by sharp looking hats, strong drinks and with a proportionate contrast of unbridled attitude.


This five track gem, kicks off with ‘Heaven Can Wait’, a cheeky love song,  defined by snazzy baselines and femme fatale vocals. Any modern escapists with half an imagination be able to smell a smoke filled bar lounge and neat whiskey by the end of this track. This is the very cool thing about Restless, it has very authentic sound that sound; If a complete stranger told me Pacanomad opened for Janis Joplin, I would deem it believable. To get it out of the way, the skeleton that holds this album together is the emotional and talented vocal delivery of Chantel Revard. The tracks ‘Tell Me Not To Doubt’, ‘I Lost You’, ‘Till It’s Mine’ and ‘Restless’ she does a remarkable job teetering the line between projecting longing and lust. However, the band’s bohemian seduction stylings  due owe much credit to the rest of the band. The bassist Dave Bell, manages to play some intimately comforting blues lick, particularly on ‘Tell Me Not To Doubt’ and ‘Till It’s Mine’. It is resonates especially well with the downright suave and flirty  guitar bits of Nick Cifaldi, particularly on ‘Restless’. To complete the metaphor, it seems reasonable to say that Zack Stewart, the drummer, is best described as gentle, but full of stamina.

While this EP is full of potential and has excellent production, it is not without room for improvement. During the first few play troughs it is painfully clear that there is a lack of a certain hook. No song was immediately captivating, nor was any set of lyrics particularly thematically different that those that came before it.  Frankly speaking, I think all of the songs are good (Till It’s Mine,  Restless being my personal favorites), but that is a conclusion I arrived at after 15+ listens. Any ad hominem accusations regarding this conclusion likely hold some truth, due to my comparable inexperience with the genre. However, that was my experience.
That aside, I think Pacanomad likely has great stage presence and I would see them live. Thankfully, the London, Ontario rockers don’t live far from me and I will be keeping an open eye for their future releases. In the meantime you can download Restless from their Bandcamp for 5 measly dollars, which as a genre outsider, I would say is very well worth it.

Check out Pacanomad!
Until It’s Mine music video

Author: Alex Slakva


Monthly Roundup: July 2014

1 Aug
Alysha Brilla

Alysha Brilla, one of Canadian Content Machine’s featured artists of July.

Another month of music has come and gone! We’ve had lots to talk about in July (not fittingly, July Talk was featured two months ago). Let’s look at them again!


New Album Reviews!

Dreams of Summer: Coronado’s new EP, Give Up Nothing Vol. 1, reviewed.

Carlos Coronado of Coronado. Photo Credit: Tania Cannarella.

Carlos Coronado of Coronado. Photo Credit: Tania Cannarella.

Coronado continues to have a very prolific, and very good, 2014. The Toronto fivesome released their EP Remain Calm last year (reviewed by one of our writers here), and since then they have kept it coming via live shows, live shows, and more live shows. It all comes to this: Give Up Nothing Vol 1their latest, just-released EP.  This forms Coronado’s most complete sound yet, including the should-be-hit “A Line We Never Drew”. Give Coronado a chance and check out out review of Give Up Nothing Vol 1 here.


Band Spotlights!

The Shanks: Minimalist Musicians, Maximum Rockers


The Shanks.

The Shanks aren’t a new band per se; they’ve been in the game for years, and their classic hard rock sound doesn’t lend them any favours as something new and stylin’. What The Shanks do well though, is use up the full potential of a two-piece guitar-and-drums combo and then some, creating a gigantic, ferocious sound that definitely speaks in rock n’ roll. Check out our full piece on The Shanks here.


Concert Reviews!

Jumple: The Gypsy Gods Of Inspiring Dance and Jiggy Bums – Live & Interviewed @ The Rasputin Vodka Bar June 22, 2014


Eugene of Jumple.

There is “Slavic Gypsy Foll”, and then there is the kind that Jumple serves. Hopped up on booze and in the state of “Jigy-Jigy” (no, that is not the title of Will Smith’s comeback song), this band absolutely took it to the aptly-named Russian Vodka Bar on June 24th, 2014. With most of its members being born in the Ukraine, there is no question of inauthenticity in these guys’ performances. Read the full appraisal of their performance here.


Second Spins: Older Albums Reviewed Again!

Alysha Brilla’s Guide to Getting Over Breakups


Alysha Brilla.

Every now and then an album will come along just at the right time, making a huge impact in your life and giving you a good reminder why music exists. For our writer Julie Gossart, that album was Alysha Brilla’s In My Head. Released last year, this album turned out to be a pretty significant experience for Julie–but you don’t have to read this to believe it, just check out the review for yourself!


Special Event Coverage – Osheaga 2014!

OSHEAGA 2014: All The Canadian Bands (Full and Final Preview)


Earlier in the year, we produced a series on all the Canadian bands playing at Osheaga in Montreal. Well, the festival has now finally arrived, so what better way to prepare yourself than to read our final preview the details the when and whereabouts of each band, as well as links to our earlier articles. Check that out here!

That is all for July!