The Simple Charms of Jessica Bundy’s Careless Smile

16 Jun

Jessica Bundy – Careless Smile (2014).

Singer/songwriter Jessica Bundy is a Toronto-based folk artist who renders heartfelt tracks of love and loss over jovial acoustics. This past year Bundy has been busy touring her debut EP, Careless Smile, across the west coast of the United States as well as several Canadian venues.

The EP is a stream of honest and experienced lyricism, which is no easy feat for a young up-and-coming artist. The whimsical tones of Careless Smile are accompanied by surprisingly profound lyrical content, as heard on “My Body Instead”. Jessica Bundy’s stripped down simplicity throughout the EP has concreted her breezy signature style, which she carries on and off stage.


Her seemingly effortless musical talents were instilled in her at a young age. As the daughter of a concert pianist, Bundy recalls growing up in a world of extracurricular choirs. The beginnings of her promising career as a songwriter took off when she received a secondhand guitar in her early teens. Later, while pursuing her master’s degree at York University, Bundy took a fateful leap into an active pursuit of her musical career


Jessica Bundy. Photo by Derek Mok.

Despite the blissful sounds that emit from Bundy’s easy-going vibrations, her journey as an artist has not always been bright and carefree. Tragedy overcame the artist with the sudden death of her beloved younger sister. Bundy reflects that the loss inspired a wealth of emotions that she filtered into her creative work. Jessica Bundy has undoubtedly found her footing as an artist and the consistent ease of Careless Smile guarantees her a prime player on your summer soundtrack.

Keep an eye out for Jessica Bundy on June 21st for her return to the Junction Musical Festival stage in Toronto!

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Author: Kaity D’Agostino


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