Catching Up with CrashDex’s Jaren Hayman

25 May
Jaren Hayman of CrashDex

Jaren Hayman of CrashDex

Get used to hearing the name Jaren Hayman around Toronto, because this guy has some big things happening for him. If you haven’t yet heard of CrashDex, be prepared to have your mind blown! This drummer/DJ combo mixes hip-hop and EDM party music with the live, hardcore sounds of the drums. Their live shows are insane and extremely fun to be a part of.  Jaren’s talent behind the drums is truly amazing.

With drumming influences from Sammy J. Watson, Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins, Jaren has grown up with a serious passion for music. His musical influences are a mix of hip-hop and rock artists: Queen, Jay-Z, Eminem, Drake. The sound behind CrashDex really reflects their musical influences, and it sure makes you want to party!

Jaren’s passion for drumming started at a young age. Growing up he was an athlete, and looked forward to what seemed like a career as a football player. Music was always his passion, but three different shoulder surgeries from playing varsity football at the University of Guelph forced Jaren to pursue something other than sports. That is when he became much more serious about his music.

Here’s what Jaren had to say:

–I always knew I’d get right back into music, and I wasted no time. I was playing with a band days after the football season was over. I started working on getting my chops back and figuring out what I wanted to do. I always loved drumming to Hip Hop and I found myself getting more and more into EDM as well. I reached out to a few different DJ’s and ended up locking down a gig at one of my good friends charity events, where we performed in front of about 500 people. The response was amazing and you could really feel the drums shooting energy into the building. I knew this was exactly what I wanted to be doing! Before I knew it, CrashDex was born.–

Just over two years ago, Jaren teamed up with hip hop artist, Jerzee. The two immediately hit it off, and together have blown up the music scene in Canada and the US, touring and performing full time for CrashDex and Jerzee’s band.


Jerzee of CrashDex. Photo Credit: Jason Kwan.

For Jaren, it just keeps getting better and better: “It’s been an incredible journey so far. I’m lucky to have played with a ton of talented artists, some of which are still good friends to this day. Being able to tour and meet other driven musicians is one of my favourite parts of the business.”

In addition to drumming, Jaren also co-owns an entertainment/production company. They are aiming to continue the growth and success of their business, and want to make Jerzee a household name as well as continue to perform live CrashDex shows in different cities around the globe.

Check out CrashDex!






Author: Julia Loglisci


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