Metal D&D: Listening to the Doom & Destruction of Drofnosura & DeSever

2 May


Deep within Markham, Ontario, there goes a band by the name of Drofnosura. Engaging and intriguing is their sound, which can be classified in the genres of experimental/sludge/doom metal. Drofnosura can also be linked to styles such as stoner and psychedelic metal.

Drofnosura. I (2014).

Drofnosura – I (2014).

Their recently released EP I is riveting to listen to and even more exhilarating to watch. The songs are beautiful in their epic nature; despite each track going well past the 10-minute mark, you may find yourself constantly pressing “repeat”. The intrigue lies heavily on how their songs build you into their rhythm–as if you were a musical note in the progression.

The dragging drawl of the songs are pleasantly enticing to the ear. The music is laced with dark mysticism and a brooding generosity delivering a sense of solace in the heavy tones. The energy powerfully resonates through you and relaxes every movement as you feel their songs true heaviness during performances. The singing and screaming is kept to the minimum, but still intense as hell regardless.


The band often plays their gigs in gritty Toronto venues like The 460 and Comfort Zone. While they are currently looking for a new member, expect to hear more of them soon.




We continue on to DeSever, a melodic thrash metal five-piece based in London, Ontario.The band was founded by schoolmates Adam Magoffin and Cameron Gibson. Neither were particularly looking to start a band, but once they recognized they’d found something amazing together, they decided to give it a shot! Consisting of Magoffin (guitar), Gibson (guitar),  Jeff Berridge (vocals), Cameron Tyndall (bass) and Gerry Spagquito (drums), each individual has a specific and genuine attribute that holds a vital piece to the band makeup.

Currently, they are working on their first EP as well as hitting the road for shows in the southwestern area of Ontario. Their sound is radical and enchanting as elemental riffs join alongside the raw and rough vocals and engaging instrumentation. The lyrics are almost abstract with a hint of dark humor. Berridge’s growls gather intensity throughout the songs and the overall sound is absolutely gargantuan from start to finish.


Check out Drofnosura!






Check out DeSever!




 Author: Sara Valsoney


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