Sonic Screwdriver: More or Les, It’s Bigger On The Inside

1 May

More or Les – He wears sunglasses at night.

At just 11 years old Leslie Seaforth was working hard in the art of the DJ. With the help of his older brother, he learned to mix beats. Shortly after, the young Torontonian began freestyling with other emcees at school assemblies. Seaforth soon coined himself with the moniker he is widely known as: More Or Les.

Leap forward to 2013: More or Les releases Bigger On The Inside: A Time Traveler’s Mixtape. This is a finely-tuned time machine, traveling through the time and space of hip-hop. Calling it “fan fiction” is almost an understatement. When you think about “Doctor Who”, you might think an older British sci-fi time-travel show. Most wouldn’t relate it to the hip-hop game. As odd of an approach as this is, it was done in very tasteful way.

More or Les – Bigger On The Inside: A Time Traveller’s Mixtape (2014).


The introducing track on this mixtape is “Time & Space”. It starts with an atmospheric ambient type voice sample. melodic and elegant. The bass drops, intricate kick and snare drum patterns hit. Not an average click track style beat; it is really as if More Or Les thinks like a drummer. Overall, definitely a track you can nod your head to, and great indicator of what this album will offer. The production in particular was well done, with above-average beats and well placed samples.


Next in line comes the title track: “Bigger on the Inside”. More or Les really makes you think twice with this song, a showcase of hooks and flows. Not only is it an apt description of the TARDIS on Doctor Who, it also possesses a versatility that mimics the famous time machine, going back in time to mix in with older hip-hop influences. This song could easily be mistaken for an Aesop Rock release.



“Angels and Monsters”, his collaboration with Ghettosocks and Wordburglar, starts with an ominous voice sample: “They don’t all have ten heads and want to take over the world!” and a dark, Super Nintendo Metroid style beat. More Or Les truly puts the first verse together amazingly, with reflective, relatable comparisons of life all the while referencing Doctor Who. Ghettosocks and Wordburglar add some very interesting parts to this song and just slay the song lyrically.


Continuing to move forward on Bigger On The Inside, we get to monster tracks “Get Exterminated!” and “The Sound of Drums”. The mood captured here is different than most do, both in hip-hop and portrayals of Doctor Who.



“Rose Full of Tears” captures a more sentimental sound, while “Tenth Planet” starts off with a cinematic build up, before dropping a beautiful melody. has similar feels to tenth planet. If you’re not paying attention, you won’t even realize when track changes to “Travel Companions” as the songs possess similar moods and flow together well.


“Bigger Regeneration” is the album closing. This song messes temporally, revamping the hook from “Bigger on the Inside” while changing up the beats. More or Les maintains the same impressive vocal style and flows throughout it.  One is certainly right to call this a true mixtape a time-traveler would take, whether it be Doctor Who or the listeners themselves.




Check out More or Les!






Author: Kyle Hopper

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