Concert Review Quickie: Coronado @ The Piston, April 24th, 2014

29 Apr
The Piston. Photo Credit: Mauricio Calero

The Piston, 937 Bloor West, Toronto. Photo Credit: Mauricio Calero

One of the best of the many fast-rising Canadian bands right now, Toronto’s Coronado is steadily gaining more acclaim. We featured the band last week in our review of their new EP, Remain Calm (you can check out that piece here).

Of course, to stand out in T.O., one has to put in the grind and hit up the many bars and clubs that make Toronto’s competitive underground music scene, and worthy Coronado is hard at work. The electronic/indie fivesome garnered a critic’s pick for live act to see from the (in)famously discerning folks at Now Magazine, and by all indications the band aims to keep putting on shows, shows, and more shows. Last Thursday night, they played a brief but promising set at one of Bloorcourt’s most underrated bars, The Piston.

Carlos Coronado, Coronado's finely-coiffured frontman and guitarist.

Carlos Coronado, Coronado’s namesetter and finely-coiffured frontman.

After entering the bar, though, one may be forgiven in thinking that they traipsed into the wrong venue. While The Piston has their standard bar and dining in front, the live music area is set away in a completely different room, hidden behind a large wooden door. Effectively, it is two different experiences in one relatively tiny space. The capacity of the venue is cramped compared to Toronto mainstays such as The Horseshoe Tavern, as even 50 people may get things a little too crowded. However, the small size didn’t affect Coronado despite their many members and equipment.

The set started out strong, with Remain Calm’s eponymous lead single an early highlight. Lisa Lorenz and Amy Morris, flanking The Piston’s small stage with their keys and synths, lent an instant uniqueness to the band both visually and aurally–their backing vocals a huge complement to Coronado’s synth-pop stylings.

Coronado - The Piston, April 24, 2014.

Lisa Lorenz, Coronado’s synth master and backing vocalist.

The sound mixing in the venue did its job well enough, though it may have pushed the drums to the forefront too hard (not to take away from drummer Kevin Correia’s massive kicks), and it took some time well into the set for lead singer and guitarist Carlos Coronado’s vocals to be heard clearly.

Delightedly, Coronado only became more cohesive as the hour played on. New songs “Lighter than Air” and “Blessing in Disguise” proved themselves as crowd-pleasing slices of anthemic electronic rock, and set finale “Congratulations” turned up to the climax so perfectly that it was a shock to hear its abrupt end. All the better though in order to keep the audience wanting more, and here’s hoping that Coronado will soon be playing those shows where the encore will be earned, if not demanded.

Author: Nathan Christie


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