The Glorious Rise of The Glorious Sons

25 Apr
The Glorious Sons.

The Glorious Sons. From left to right: Jay Emmons, Andrew Young, Brett Emmons, Chris Huot, Adam Paquette

Long hair, liquor, and an absolute love for rock and roll: these are the commandments that hold together the foundations of the native Kingston band The Glorious Sons. The liquor-soaked sounds of this blue-collar band are best paired with cheap beers and crowded bars, or simply sipping a cold one on a lakeside dock. Aside from their obvious musical talent, the laidback attitude of The Glorious Sons positions band members Jay Emmons (lead guitar), Adam Paquette (drums), Andrew Young (guitar/vocals), Chris Huot (bass), and Brett Emmons (keyboard/lead vocals) to be ideal drinking buddies for any occasion.

It’s hard to believe the five-piece band was formed merely a year and a half ago, as they have picked up wide spread attention across Canada. The boys started making waves early this year when they landed in the top three in the 2012 Whisky Rocks Showdown competition in Barrie. It was here that they caught the eye of The Trews guitarist John Angus. The Glorious Sons didn’t hesitate to start working with one of their musical heroes and Angus soon began producing for the band. The collaboration gave birth to the riverside anthem “Mama”, which quickly became the most popular track off the boys’ 7-track EP Shapeless Art released last September.


With the band’s momentum only picking up speed, The Glorious Sons decided to enter yet another rock competition. Following in the footsteps of fellow Canadian band, The Trews, the band signed up for 97.7 HTZ-FM’s Rock Search. The Sons kept their cool while battling out hundreds of bands and claiming the championship title, which launched them onto the fast track to success.

The rich, rocking riffs and working man lyrics of The Glorious Sons are expanding their reign over radio waves across the country, promising the band a very bright future in the realm of rock and roll. The electric stage presence of The Glorious Sons will next be seen this Saturday at the Danforth Music Hall in Toronto, Ontario.

Expect loud music, a late night, and a steady stream of alcohol. Cheers!

05.03.14 – Burlington, ON @ Boston Manor
05.30.14 – Barrie, ON @ The Ranch
06.28.14 – St. Catharines, ON @ Montebello Park
07.31.14 – Penticton, BC @ Shu Swap Stage


Check out The Glorious Sons!

Official band website.






Author: Kaity D’Agostino


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