Osheaga 2014: The Canadian Bands (Part 1: Montreal)

17 Mar

Only four-and-a-half months until Osheaga!

Osheaga 2014, the music festival held annually in Montreal’s Parc Jean-Drapeau on Île Notre-Dame, will be in town August 1-3. Winter is the typical preseason for summer festivals, with full lineup announcements usually coming by March Break (Coachella kicked off the excitement with their reveal in January, Summerfest and Sasquatch added theirs in February, while Chicago staple Lollapalooza are still tightly holding onto their list). And last week it was Osheaga’s turn, revealing a pretty stacked lineup with headliners Outkast (reunited for a 2014 tour!), Jack White, Arctic Monkeys, and other notables such as Lorde, The Replacements, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Skrillex, Modest Mouse, J.Cole and much more.

So what’s the Canadian content? CCM takes a look at all the Osheaga perfomers born under a maple leaf, starting with the many bands that call Montreal their ville natale.


Beat Market


Let’s start off with these fine, neon-clad fellows. In the grand tradition of other electronica duos such as Daft Punk, Justice, MSTRKRFT and others, Beat Market seek to electrify and pacify their audiences with filthy analog synths and TRON visuals. Recently formed in 2012, Louis-Joseph Cliche and Maxime Bellavance are still fairly new but already have a firm grasp on what a good live show should provide (hint: it involves a lot of flashing lights).

Red Music, their first official release, was nominated for “Best Electronic Album of the Year” by ADISQ last year, and expect the accolades to continue.




With a decade now in activity, Chromeo can practically claim themselves as vets. One part David Macklovitch aka Dave 1, one part Patrick Gemayel aka P-Thugg, and what we have is the self-described “only successful Arab/Jewish partnership since the dawn of human culture”. One that has given us leisurely libido-filled pick-ups of electro-funk such as “Tenderoni” and “Night by Night”.

Their latest studio release, White Women, will be released this May, so expect their Osheaga set to be a swarthy mix of new hits and classic shakers. Also, expect a temporarily rise in births at local Montreal hospitals nine months later.



Dear Frederic

Dear Frederic

If you are solely interested in what the freshest talent of Osheaga will offer, then look no further than Dear Frederic. The personal project of Winter Gloves frontman Charles F. Huot, the first single, “Outlast“, was only just released on March 10th. We can already expect good things just based on this track alone–a lovely slice of indie-pop replete with Huot’s penetrating vocals, bursts of piano, twiggy guitar, and a drumbeat so self-assured it can sell you a bridge to England.




Marie-Hélène L. Delorme, better known as the one-woman piece Foxtrott, may have more of a personal stake in Osheaga than any other performer: she’s a third-generation Montrealer born within a musical family. With training in piano and violin, Delorme was practically raised with music as her sibling. She is the type of artist where the love for their music is immediately apparent upon listening; a sincere crafter of electronic pop that will make you sway, not dance.



Half Moon Run

Half Moon Run

Our last entry for now, Half Moon Run has enjoyed quite the winning run themselves over the past two years. Composed of Devon Portielje, Conner Molander, Dylan Phillips, and recent addition Isaac Symonds, these boys originate from all corners of Canada but now call Montreal their home base. Their 2012 debut, Dark Eyes, found critical and commercial success both here and across the pond in Europe.

Having already played Osheaga once in 2012, HMR will return to Montreal with considerably more attention and status this time around. Judging by their relatively high status on the official poster, expect HMR to have a favourable evening slot.

Believe it or not, there are still quite a few Montreal bands to cover before getting to other performers across Canada (ah, the benefits of not going to a hotel!), so keep alive until the next installment!


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Author: Nathan Christie


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