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Grand Theft Auto in the GTA: Newmarket-Aurora’s Brothers of North and their new album, Stolen Cars

27 Nov

Brothers of North – Stolen Cars (2013).

Here at Canadian Content Machine, we have been rigorously searching for the next great Toronto band, and I think we’ve found them! Here we are with the Brothers of North and their latest release, Stolen Cars.

Fortunately, I was introduced to a few members of the band and given the album for review!  After listening to the album about 50 times, I feel I can now give it an appropriate appraisal.

Track One, “About a Dog”: Right off the bat, the opener sets the tone for what is about to come.  I’ll admit I wasn’t expecting to hear this high-quality album from a band I met at an event!  Tom MacKay is excellent on drums, a little reminiscent of Metric’s drummer. It’s noticeable right away that the production quality of Stolen Cars is far above most bands’ first album.

Track Two, “1990’s”: This sounds pretty much like the anthem to anyone growing up in the Greater Toronto Area during the 1990’s.   The second verse reminisces on Joe Carter’s 1993 World Series home run, a a moment in history every child growing up in the GTA remembers, let alone Canada.

Track Three, “Robbery”: Has a little more vocal depth than the first two, which impressed me because the lead singer James Connolly’s voice is one that is quite distinct.  After hearing three songs, I can already easily say, “The second I hear this voice, I know I’m listening to Brothers of North“.


Brothers of North. From left to right: Joe Gallo, James Connolly, Tom Mackay,Petey Barnes.

Track Four, “Useless Pages”: Hands down, this track displays the band’s full range of talent.  The ability to write slow and meaningful acoustic music is something every true music fan love to hear from their favorite bands.  “Useless Pages” does all of that and more!  Expect to be hearing this on the radio soon.

Track Five, “Serious”: Another song that shows the band’s ability to write quality music. Slowly building up the track and then slowing back down.   On this track, bassist Petey Barnes stands out with some groovy bass lines, which definitely makes this track solid.  Once you think you know where the song is going,  lead guitarist Joe Gallo tears up a filthy solo, ending the song on a high note and in true Rock & Roll fashion.

Track Six, “Oh My God”: This puts the icing on the cake for this album.  Probably my favorite song on the album!  Every member of the band stands out in this song!! Absolutely a perfect way to end the album; I found myself singing it an hour later.  That is how I knew  it was a great closer to a great album!


If you’re in the Toronto area on November 29th, 2013, you can see Brothers of North live at El Mocambo along with Broken Bricks, Boats and Danger Bees.



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Author:  Richard Moore