New Album Releases September

3 Oct

It’s that time of the year again! Every Tuesday for the next two months, new albums will be released by some of the most popular musicians.  Especially Canadian musicians!

September 10th  Janelle Monae released her latest creation “The Electric Lady”.  Included on the album are tracks including Prince, Erykah Badu, Solange and Esperanza Spalding,.


The Weeknd also dropped his new album Kiss Land, which includes Pharelle’s remix of “Wanderlust” and “Live For” featuring Drake.  Naturally, Drake kills his part on the track, continuing to perform better on other artists work!  Not “Hating” on Drake, I just wish we could have more consistency, because he lights it up on this track.


September 17th; Said the Whale release their latest work “Hawaii”.  This album is a lot like the bands older work, I don’t want to say its better but it is noticeable how much they have progressed.  Call it more experience, fans of the band will not be disappointed.


Toronto natives, The Darcy’s also released their new album “Warring”.  For those aspiring DJ’s out there, The Darcy’s are asking you to remix their tracks.  If good enough, they will post it on their site for all to listen.   Ev Ree Wuhn has already made one and its available here: 


Photos Via Itunes


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