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The Check Out List! May 2013

27 May


Check Out!  Chris Ho

This young musician hails from Victoria B.C.  Early this month Chris won the Island Songwriter of the Year Award.

His song Story of the Flood has been getting regular play on radio station in Victoria and on Satellite radio.

Check out his video for “No Connection”   Here is Chris’s website where u can check out everything about him and Check out “Story of the Flood” here

If your interested in catching Chris live, Here are his upcoming shows –

Follow Chris Ho on Twitter  @ChrisHoMusic


Check Out!  Reema MajorReema is a Canadian rapper that was born in Sudan.  She is currently sign under a pletherea of labels one of them is Waka Flaka Flames Brick Squad!
Check out her video “I’m the One” featuring Rick Ross –

Reema is primed to be the next big female rapper, taking over the role of Niki Minaj.  Check out her video for “Ghetto Kids”

Another great Video is “I Am Legend”

Follow Reema on Twitter @ReemaMajor


Check Out!  Dirty Radio

Dirt Radio is a trio out of Vancouver, they create a wide variety of pop, rap and dance music.
Check out “Ground Shake” I’m sure you will get hyped from this one!!

Here is the new single of their new album, “Refreshin”

Check out the music video for “Holiday”


Another great video is “In My Head”

Follow Dirty Radio on twitter  @dirtyradiomusic


May Long Weekend Playlist

17 May


Here is the first ever May Long Weekend Playlist made by Canadian Content Machine.  Our intent is that you listen during your ride up north or while sipping on a cold one sitting in a Muskoka Chair this long weekend.

Ground Shake – Dirty Radio

Righteous Smoke — Monster Truck

Blame it on Your Truck – Kira Isabella

Other Side – Chris Weatherstone

Seen You Soon – Amy Carson Hunter

Brides Song – Yukon Blonde

Cadence Weapon – Conditioning

Stompa -Serena Ryder

No Good Woman – Elise LeGrow

Story of the Flood -Chris Ho

Ain’t My Day – Head of the Herd

Save Yourself – The Sheepdogs

Bobcaygeon – The Tragically Hip

Pinch Me – Barenaked Ladies

I Was A Fool – Teagan and Sara

Call Me in the Afternoon – Half Moon Run

O My Heart – Mother Mother

Red Hands – Walk Off The Earth