The Check Out List, April 2013

18 Apr


Check out! Tthe Fur Trade : Out of Vancouver, this two piece band (so far) has been able to garner 500.000 hits on YouTube with their first single “Kids These Days”.  Check out the video here:

Another song I like on their YouTube page is “Don’t Get Heavy”.  Watch it here:

It’s a catchy tune and includes a very talented young female dancer.  The single has left everyone wanting more from Fur Trade.  A new album is expected from these guys in July 2013 (according to various tweets from the band). Kids These Days is a phenomenal track, I have found myself putting it on at all times of the day no matter what I am doing.  We know they just played some sets in Toronto for Canadian Music Fest/Week and hopefully they will be back across Canada once the new album is released.

Check out their Facebook page:

Follow them on Twitter: @furtradeband

Check out their Tumblr:


Check out!  BadBadNotGood is a three piece group out of Toronto.  The trio caught our eye last year when they released their first digital LP – BBNG. Since then, Matt, Chester, and Alex (with help from a few friends) have been able to create their own place in the Toronto music scene. With influences from the Hip Hop world, like Gucci Mane and Flying Lotus, BadBadNotGood is putting their own touch to creating a new sound for fans.


We were able to attend the Canadian Music Fest/Week gig that BBNG did at the Horseshoe Tavern. We had never seen them live before, but were impressed with the skill and passion the guys in BBNG have. The crowd certainly was also. High energy from the BBNG boys on stage transferred well into the audience of mostly drunk/stoned males in their early 20’s. The boys dropped down some slick beats and insinuated moshing which rarely happens at the Horseshoe these days. 


BBNG have collaborated with Tyler the Creator and Frank Ocean from Odd Future as well as covering Canadian acts like Lunice and Feist. The trio is also known for their covers of tracks by Waka Flocka Flame, Kanye, and James Blake. On you can find a current FREE download of their latest release, BBNG2, which, honestly, for free, is worth the download.

Check out the Bands website:

Follow them on Twitter @badbadnotgood

Check out their YouTube page:


Ben Caplan: is a Halifax native, and it seems like there has been dozens of amazing artists coming out of the east coast recently. Ben has a unique, growly, raspy and deep voice compared to Tom Waits and Dan Mangan.  His first album release is ‘In The Time Of Great Remembering’ and worth a listen too.

Check out this track by Ben Caplan, “Drift Apart”

Check out this other great song, “Down To The River”

Ben also made an appearance at the recent CMF in Toronto, making an impact on any one that was able to catch him play with his band, The Casual Smokers. The band played a couple of gigs and left a big impression on everyone.


Check out!  Ben Caplan on Twitter @bencaplanmusic

Check out Ben’s website


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