The Wooden Sky.

16 Nov

It was in 2003 that local Toronto native started writing songs for a school assignment at Ryerson University. Once he paired with Andrew Wyatt they had formed the Wooden Sky. Their first album was released in 2007, entitled When Lost At Sea, the group had crafted a wonderful sounding album that left those who discovered this hidden gem eagerly wanting more from the boys.

However, this year, on February 28th, the Wooden Sky released in my opinion their best work to date. Every Child a Daughter, Every Moon a Sun , may be a mouthful to say, but this album is rich with blues and country rock you do not hear too much in 2012. Gardiner writes a lot along the themes of age, love, and the city he grew up in. The single from the album is the first track on the album Child Of The Valley and when you first listen to this song you are immediately struck by Gardiner’s deep and wonderful country/blues sound. The song features beautiful female accompanied vocals and violins, very much following the fusion between blues and country-style rock they have come to be known for.

I can’t say enough about this album. I have been listening to Every Child A Daughter weekly now, and every time I find myself rocking out to it at work, or on the subway, it really is a complete album of tracks that are mellow and softer sounding like Malibu Rum, featuring mandolin guitars along with Gardiner’s distinct vocals. I’m Your Man is by far my pick as top track on this album and City Of Light is another track to give a spin and let flow into your ears. You can find links to the band’s website and twitter bellow.

The Wooden Sky rolls through their home town of Toronto on December 1st at the Phoenix Concert Theater. Pick up their album on iTunes, through the band’s website, or at any Toronto CD/Record Shop like Sonic Boom or Soundscapes.



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