Wordburglar: Straight out of Toronto!

9 Nov

I came across Wordburglar while I was YouTube-surfing one night.  Instantly, I knew I would be blogging about him in the future.

Sean Jordan, the rapper’s birth name, was born in Halifax and now lives in Toronto.  In May 2012 he released his third studio album 3rdburglar.

In 2006 Wordburglar was nominated at Canadian Music Week’s Indie Awards in the category of “Favorite Urban Artist/Group or Duo”, and won the fan-voted award for “Best Lyrics” from CBC Radio 3 for his song “Word Owner”.

The first video I encountered was “Rhyme O’Clock” feat. More or Les:


I also found this remixed version by DJ Nerd42, called “Srsly Rhyme O’Clock (DJ Nerd42 Remix ft. Alan Parsons Project)”.


Which one do you think is better?


Another great video is “The Route”:


My favorite song, though, has to be “Drawings With Words”.  The video was shot at Fan Expo Canada in Toronto!


Check out Wordburglar!

Official Website.







Author: Richard Moore


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