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From Sweet to Cyco: Whatever Happened to Skye Sweetnam?

24 Nov

Do you remember this face?  Her name is Skye Sweetnam, and from 2003 to 2009 you couldn’t turn on a radio without hearing one of her songs.

In 2003, Skye released her debut single “Billy S.” which became an instant hit across North America. A little more than a year later Skye released her debut album Noise from The Basement.  The single appeared on the soundtrack to the movie How to Deal featuring actress Mandy Moore, propelling her career to star status.


In 2006, Skye was nominated for a Juno Award as “The Best New Artist of the Year”.  Shortly after in 2007, Skye released her second studio album Sound Soldier. Her single “Human” off the album was nominated at the MuchMusic Video Awards for best cinematography, but unfortunately came up short to Hedley.


But that was five years ago. What happened to Skye and what is she doing in 2012?

Well this is what Skye Sweetnam is up to now!

Sumo Cyco. From left to right: Ken “Thor” Corke, Skye “Sever” Sweetnam, Matt “M.D” Drake, Ryan “Legs” Leger.

She is now the lead singer of the Punk/Metal band Sumo Cyco.

The Toronto-based band consists of for members: Skye Sweetnam (now known as “Sever”) on vocals, Matt “M.D.” Drake on lead guitar, Ken “Thor” Corke on bass guitar and Ryan “Legs” Leger on drums.

Check out the bands’ latest, Halloween-themed video “Where Do We Go?”:


The transition from pop music to punk/metal is not the usual route; personally I’ve never seen the transition work as successfully as Skye has done it.

Although Skye is not getting the same recognition as she did as a pop singer, the band has been producing tons of music videos and should soon be getting the recognition they deserve. Here is the video for another single, “Loose Cannon”:


Sumo Cyco have a loyal fan base online, and the band produces and directs all of their music videos and promotional videos themselves.

Sumo Cyco are a great example of Canadian musicians creating quality music with little to no budget, a trait I have become proud of when speaking about Canadian music.

The band currently is not on tour, but you can check out all of their music videos on their website.

Check out Sumo Cyco!

Official Website.





Author: Richard Moore

FULL BLOOM: Great Bloomers’ Big City Rock with a Country Twist.

22 Nov

Great Bloomers – Distant Fires (2012).

Toronto’s Great Bloomers have stormed onto the Canadian rock music scene as fast as another favourite band here at Canadian Content Machine, Yukon Blonde, and have made a big statement with their debut album, 2012’s Distant Fires.

Distant Fires has 11 beautifully crafted tracks. During the many listens since first getting our hands on this album, the songs “Something More”, “I Wanna Die Young”, and “Palisades” really stand out and offer a great view into what the Bloomers have been doing for the past 5 years together.

Lead singer and guitarist Lowell Sostomi shows more of his incredible lyric-writing chops on this album also, but really this is just more of the same for Lowell.

Great Bloomers.

“Something More” is a song heavy in guitar, equally as powerful lyrics, and thumping bass guitar and drums. The song sounds even better when it was played during their album release party at the Dakota Tavern back in September. The Bloomers’ live shows always have a consistent bopping along and dancing from the crowd, definitely an amazing live show atmosphere.

The album thickens with tracks like “I Wanna Die Young”, the album’s single, “Any New Lover’s Prey”, “Palisades”, and “Slowly In Your Gaze”. Most of Sostomi’s lyrics I find are about the theme of love and relationships with people. Like the previous Bloomers album, Speak Of Trouble, Distant Fires continues to display Great Bloomers’ incredible songwriting talent and lyrical meaning.


It’s refreshing to hear bands that come out of a big city like Toronto to have such a deep rooted sound in rock, blues, and country like the Bloomers have.

I have a feeling they will be following in the footsteps of other top Canadian indie-rock bands right now such as Yukon Blonde, Hey Rosetta!, and The Sheepdogs (who may have had a little help from that Rolling Stone contest, but they started as an indie band).

Great Bloomers have been touring around North America steadily since the album was released in September, and will be making an appearance at the legendary Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto on November 30th, and you can bet Canadian Content Machine will be there with beers in hand ready for a kickass show.

Canadian Content Machine’s picks for top tracks: “I Wanna Die Young”, “Nighttime”, “Slowly In Your Gaze”.

Canadian Tour (almost all Canadian dates w/ Wool on Wolves):

Nov 23 – Edmonton, AB – Starlite

Nov 24 – Saskatoon, SK – Amigo’s

Nov 26 – Winnipeg, MB – Le Garage

Nov 28 – Sault Ste Marie, ON – Loplops Gallery s

Nov 29 – Sudbury, ON – The Townehouse Tavern

Nov 30 – Toronto, ON – The Horseshoe Tavern

Dec 5 – Hamilton, ON – This Ain’t Hollywood

Dec 6 – Guelph, ON – The E-Bar

Dec 7 – Kingston, ON – The Mansion

Dec 8 – Montreal, QC – Il Motore

Dec 9 – Wakefield, QC – The Blacksheep Inn

Dec 11 – St. Catharine’s, ON – Mansion House

Dec 12 – Peterborough, ON – The Red Dog

Dec 13 – Windsor, ON – Phog Lounge

Dec 14 – Sarnia, ON – Paddy Flaherty’s


Check out Great Bloomers!

Official Website.