Lindsey Stirling, Amazing Talent.

24 Oct

A couple weeks ago I was YouTube surfing, and I came across Lindsey Stirling.  She plays current music like Dub-step on the violin and has some of the most visually appealing music videos I’ve ever seen.

The first video I watched was “Dubstep Violin- Lindsey Stirling- Crystallize”.

The quality of playing was impressive to say the least.  Then once I saw her start dancing I said to my self , “How do you play violin and dance like that”!

Not to mention Lindseys version sounds better than the original, Just saying!!

The second video I watched was “Shadows- Lindsey Stirling”

This was particularly Interesting!  In the video Lindsey has a dance/play off against her shadow.  One of the coolest music videos Ive seen in a long time.

Here are the names of other videos you should check out on Lindsey YouTube channel.

Spontanious Me – Lindsey Stirling

On the Floor Take Three – Lindsay Stirling

And for you Walking Dead fans, a new post     Moon Trance – Lindsey Stirling

You can subscribe to Lindsey’s Youtube channel. Click the link Below ↓

Lindsey is currently on tour!  Check to see if she’s coming to your hometown here

Follow Lindsey on Twitter @LindseyStirling

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