Yukon Blonde “Tiger Talk”

7 Mar

Yukon Blonde is about to release their third album on March 20th called Tiger Talk.  This highly anticipated album is easily their best work to date.  The big difference between the last two albums and Tiger Talk is the quality of song writing.  It is becoming clear “Just like the water” that the guys of Yukon blonde have come a long way since their first album together.  I personally have seen them live and their progression from the beginning until now is impressive.  Another thing I’ve noticed is that the songs on Tiger Talk are much more catchy and better fit for a wider audience and radio.  Which in my opinion is a good thing.  The more people who listen, the more people will love their music.

My favorite song on the album is “Radio”  reminds me a little of the Knack’s “My Sharona”.  Another song that I really enjoy is “Six Dead Tigers”  the guitar and drums are awesome, will be great live.  Not to sound like a huge fan, but every song on the album is good.  Now I’m not saying every song will be a bit hit, but i believe that Tiger Talk will be nominated for best album at the 2013 Juno Awards.  I believe that  this song will be a hit with all ages, parents will be willing to play this CD in the Car and listen to it with their kids.  Yukon Blonde are going on tour to promote the new album.  Here are their up coming shows.

I hope that you can enjoy this talented band just as much as i do, let me kn ow what you think!

Canadian Content Machine

Apr 27 Vancouver Commodore Ballroom
Apr 12 Toronto Lee’s Palace
Apr 13 Toronto Lee’s Palace
Apr 21 Calgary Palomino Bar
Mar 23 Saskatoon Amigos
Mar 28 London Call The Office
Mar 29 Guelph Vinyl
Apr 05 Fredericton The Capital
Apr 22 Nelson The Royal
Apr 07 Halifax Reflections Cabaret
Mar 31 Kingston The Grad Club
Mar 27 Chicago Beat Kitchen
Mar 26 Minneapolis The Triple Rock Social Club
Apr 10 New York Pianos
Apr 02 Quebec City Le Cercle
Mar 22 Edmonton Pawn Shop
May 10 Brighton The Great Escape
Apr 06 St. John’s The Rock House
Apr 11 Philadelphia Kung Fu Necktie
Mar 15 Austin SXSW
Mar 15 Austin SXSW
Mar 16 Austin SXSW
Apr 18 Thunder Bay Crocks
Apr 16 Sudbury The Townehouse Tavern
Mar 24 Winnipeg West End Cultural Center
Mar 30 Montreal casa del popolo
Apr 26 Victoria Club 9ONE9
May 18 Liverpool Liverpool Sound City
May 19 Liverpool Liverpool Sound City
Mar 17 Austin Spill Bar
Apr 20 Regina University of Regina Theatre
Apr 15 Peterborough The Historic Red Dog
Apr 04 Charlottetown Hunter’s Ale House
Apr 14 Ottawa The Ritual
Mar 15 Austin Trinity Hall
Apr 03 Moncton Tide and Boar

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