Canadian Musicians Using YouTube To Their Advantage!

25 Jan


I decided that I should write and article on how Canadian musicians are currently using to get their music recognized.

I recently became a fan of the band “Walk Off the Earth” who has become a YouTube sensation with their cover of Goyte’s “Sombody that I used to know”.  The video includes 5 musicians playing the song on one Guitar.    The Video has over 36 million views since January 5th.  The band recently got a chance to play live on the “Ellen Degeneres Show” witch has only helped them reach more listeners and viewers.  In only two weeks Walk Off the Earth went from being a local band to an overnight internet sensation, all because they posted an excellent video on YouTube.  Walk Off the Earth are a perfect example of how powerful Youtube can be in promoting musicians.  It has a reach greater than any other website of its kind and its completely free!

I wanted to take a look to see if there are any other Canadian musicians were using YouTube to their advantage.  I use YouTube on the regular and already know of some Canadian Musicians.  Lindsay Ell, who Ive interviewed before, has an impressive YouTube Channel with 54 videos all of her playing her own music or covers.  Michael Bernard Fitzgerald is another musician I have interviewed that has some great videos on YouTube.  My favorite of his is this one!

I decided to search YouTube and try to find the Canadian Musicians with the most views that you might not not know of.  I found out about this musician through “Yukon Blondes” Facebook Feed.  They Posted the video after United Broke their acoustic guitar Just like “Dave Carrol”.  Dave has become huge hit on YouTube for making a song about how United Airlines treated his Guitar during a flight, the song is called “United Breaks Guitars”  The video has over 11 million views since posted on July 6th 2009.  Michael Buble has only 2 videos with more views than Dave Carrol’s “United Breaks Guitars”.

Another musician I have interview that has a great YouTube Channel is “Lights”.  Probably the most popular female musician in Canada doesn’t even come close to the amount of views Dave Carrol and Walk Off the Earths songs.  City and Colour falls short too with a best of 3 million views for one song.  Carly Rae Jepsen has been increasing on the BDS charts with her song “Call Me Maybe” and currently sits at 10  in the category Canada Hot AC National Airplay.  She has over 1 million views on YouTube.  One thing that surprised me was that the “Arkells” don’t have a single song with 1 million views.  Their most views for one video is 83 thousand for the song Pullin’ Punches.   Now for those of you out there looking for some up and coming rap talent from Canada, take a look at “Jai Jones” he has a bunch of great tracks on YouTube and his website

I hope I was able to shed some light on the impact of YouTube to Canadian musicians.  The more people that can listen the better and YouTube is a great solution for musicians to reach listeners without them having to purchase or steal their music.

I am Interested to hear what you have to think and if you know of any bands that have used YouTube to their advantage.




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