“Current Swell” Talent Can’t Be Hidden Forever!

7 Jan

While listening to CBC Radio3 I came across this Band Current Swell.  The song “Young and Able” was playing and i Instantly knew that these guys are seriously talented.  I continued to listen to the rest of their songs on radio3.cbc.ca .  I was surprised with how many solid songs they have, most of the time when I find bands like this, I only like a couple of their songs, but almost every song is great.  I don’t like to compare bands with other bands, but throughout listening to Current Swells music i couldn’t help but think they sound like three others.  The first Group that came to my mind was “Slightly Stoopid”.   The reggae songs made by “Current Swell” basically brought me back to the time when I used to listen to a lot of” Slightly Stoopid”.  “Stomach”, “Go On” and my favorite reggae song of theirs is “Honest Man”.  All of them sound similar to “Slightly Stoopid”, I sent a link of these songs to my buddy who loves “Slightly Stoopid” and he agreed with me that the voices sound almost identical.  Another band that I think they sound like is “Cage The Elephant”.  If you listen to the song “Cursed”  you will understand what I’m talking about.   The last musician “Current Swell” reminds me of is “Jack Johnson”.  I used to listen to Jack a lot a kid, these guys don’t necessarily sound like him, but the style of music is extremely similar, I’m not too surprised after researching more about them.  The band is based in Victoria, British Columbia, members include Davers Lang on Guitar and vocals, Scott Stanton Lead guitar and vocals, Ghosty on Bass, Chrispy on Drums and Dave St Jean Bone plays the Tambourine.     The band has toured Canada, Australia and the USA, they have got the chance to play with acts like Bedouin Soundclash, K-OS, K’Naan, Ron Sexsmith and even the Beach Boys.

Early this January “Current Swell” released their fourth album titled “Long Time Ago”.  It is a great album that should be heard, their first album was released in 2005.  The funny thing about the “So I Say” album is that it does not include their song “So I Say”  it wasn’t released until 2007 with the album “Trust Us Now”.  My favorite album of there’s is “Protect Your Own”, released in 2009 it has the songs “Cursed” and “Young And Able”.

If you are interested in seeing them live their Concert Listing can be found on their Website    http://currentswell.com/home  I will be Attending their show at the Phoenix in Toronto on January 21st.

I hope you enjoy “Current Swell” as much as I do, they are extremely talented and need to be heard by everyone.  Look for their new album “Long Time Ago”  available in Canada now and worldwide by the end of January.

you can follow them on Twitter https://twitter.com/#!/currentswell


One Response to ““Current Swell” Talent Can’t Be Hidden Forever!”

  1. Vanessa March 7, 2012 at 4:08 pm #

    thanks for this! I’m currently studying in France and am in serious need for some Canadian tunes! They’re awesome!

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