Listening to the Wind & the Wild: Their new EP reviewed

15 Apr


Wind & the Wild are one of the many talented Canadian bands that have risen from the teeming music scene of Montreal.  Their latest, self-titled EP is a shining example of why the four-piece band has picked up spotlight in the increasingly crowded folk genre.  The EP is an 8-track coming-of-age adventure that promises a bright future for band members Jake Watson (guitar, keys, percussion, vocals), Chris Snow (guitar, vocals), Mitchell Chevrier (drums), and Eric Leger (bass).


The album begins with electric energy on tracks like “Bones” and “Smokestacks”, but the band’s true sound comes through on their slow and steady acoustics like those heard on “Those Were The Days”. Though each track can stand on its own, if played in its entirety Wind & the Wind will take you on a the bittersweet journey of a meandering heart.


The album’s ebb and flow of melodic emotions makes it the perfect soundtrack for the road trip you’d be taking this summer.  Haven’t planned a summer road trip yet? Wind & the Wild’s increasingly frequent performances around Montreal’s underground scene may be the perfect excuse for a spontaneous trip to one of Canada’s best music destinations.

Wind & the Wild can next be seen gracing the stage of the Blacksheep Inn in Wakefield, Quebec on May 23rd, alongside fellow Canadian artists Kalle Mattson and The Strain. The boys have recently revealed that they will be releasing three new songs in the near future, which gives us all the more reason to keep an eye on this up-and-coming band.

Hear Wind & the Wild on Soundcloud and Bandcamp. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


Author: Kaity D’Agostino


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